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PENG Jiaxue, Vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, visits Wanxiang America Corporation and regards Wanxiang as the honor and pride of Zhejiang


PENG Jiaxue, Vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, led a delegation, including FANG Min, Director of Zhejiang Environment Protection Bureau, to visit Wanxiang America Corporation’s HQs in Elgin on the morning of 24th September. Acting Consul General LIU Jun and Consul GAN Longyun accompanied the delegation. NI Pin, member of the Board of Directors and Senior Executive Vice-president of Wanxiang, received the guests.

NI conveyed the greeting of LU Weiding, President of Wanxiang, to the delegation in the first place, and he thanked PENG and other leaders for their long-term supports and trust to Wanxiang, then he introduced Wanxiang’s development in the United States.

After listening to the introduction, PENG stressed once again that Wanxiang was the honor and pride of Zhejiang, and the experiences it had gained through the development in the United States were practical, energetic, profound and vivid. PENG presented souvenir to Wanxiang America Corporation at the end of the visit.



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